Not Your Typical Girl

A co-worker has up and quit.  While I am not too happy about the sudden workload thrust into my lap, I am very pleased to say good-bye to all the drama that had come with her.  I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll do so again, I freakin’ hate drama.  I don’t know if it’s an introvert thing, or simply a lazy one, but drama just doesn’t seem worth the effort to me.  To be a dramatic person, one must consume vast quantities of energy on a daily basis.  How do you maintain such a thing?  Don’t you ever annoy yourself?

You may think you’re not a dramatic person.  In the event that you are wrong, I’m going to do a favor to all the people who know you and include several statements that, if used on a regular basis, mean you are a drama-queen.

1.)  “I can’t take it anymore!”
2.)  “This is the worst thing that could have happened!”
3.)  “Everything in my life is so ___ (hard, terrible, messed up, blah blah blah)!”
4.)  “I never thought it would be like this!”
5.)  “Why, God, why?!”
and lastly,
6.)  “Oh, what a world!  What a world!”

Drama is selfish.  It is focusing so totally on what’s going on in your little world that you discount anything or anyone outside of it.  You know, I agree that’s it a rotten spot of luck that you were kicked out of your house.  That is bad news, indeed, and I am sorry.  But when you elevate it to such a level where it is the worst thing in the entire world, I have to disagree with you.  I’ve had two detached retinas, which is pretty high up there in the crap factor.  My dear friend Amber, has had a continual migraine for years.  That’s really bad.  People are robbed at gunpoint, murdered, killed in accidents, starving.  I know that has nothing to do with you (“you” being dramatic people in general), but let’s try to have a little perspective, shall we?  Perhaps the fact that you had to move in with a friend for a little while isn’t quite the end of the world.

Something else, sort of related, that I’ve noticed about myself:  I don’t talk about my romantic feelings.  I’ve had friends convinced that I didn’t really like the guy I was dating at the time because I never talked about him.  With me, the amount I like a guy is indirectly proportional to how much I talk about him.  Simply put: the more I like him, the less I say.  When I have a slight crush, I’ll talk about him all the dang time.  When I’m dating him, however, nada.  I keep it to myself.

Friend:  “So tell me about this guy you’re dating.”
Me:  “He’s nice.”
Friend:  “How so?”
Me:  [Shrug.] Friend:  “That’s all you got?”
Me:  “His favorite color is blue.  How’s that?”

And it’s not just with friends.  I’ve had conversations with guys that go something like this:

Him: “I’m interested in seeing where this goes.  What are you thinking?”
Me: “What was that?”
Him: “Are you looking for something long term?”
Me: “Oh.  Yeah.  Maybe.”
Him: “I really like you.”
Me:  “I think you’re nice.”

5 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Girl

  1. Telling a guy, "I think you're nice" is a terrible thing to say unless you purr, "I think you're nice" into their ear whilst fondling them. Then, they'll be smart enough to look past what you said and know that "nice" is not a bad thing in this situation. "Nice" is usually not a good sign. The word is reserved for situations whose subtexts are: "I will never find you sexually attractive and thus never sleep with you."

  2. This class I'm taking is the worst! I don't know how I'll ever get through it! I can't take it any more! Everything in my life is so stressful! Why, God, why?

    • LOL You win the award for most shocking thing said to me this week.
      Did you feel a little more tired after posting that? 😉

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