Not Suitable for Parents

Last night was good.  Tim and I went to see Cars–which is a pretty funny movie.  We met up at the theater with two other guys, Chad and TC.  From there we walked to a bar close to our building.  The bar was mostly empty and an hour from closing, but Billy the Bartender was way cool.  He even bought our first round of shots and did it with us.

I have no idea where the conversation started, but Tim said something along the lines of, “You have morals, Teri.”  To which TC said, “Teri, tell me what these morals are and how I can help you get rid of them.”  And at one point the bartender offered us all a free drink if I’d hit Tim in the face.  Though everyone (including Tim) was egging me on to do it, I didn’t.

Oh, and I tried whiskey for the first time.  For our second round of shots, I told Billy to give us something strong and he suggested Jameson whiskey.  It burned a little afterward but on the whole wasn’t so bad; of course, I don’t really know what it tasted like.

And now I’m off to finish my turkey wrap from last night and then perhaps enjoy a walk before I tackle the carpets.  It’s sunny and 70 degrees outside.  I feel as though I should take advantage of this.

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