Nostalgia Virus

Today I spent some time just thinking about the first couple years I lived in Chicago.  It was a great time.  I almost wish that I could relive it, just to appreciate it more.  [And, of course, it would be nice to do a few things differently.]

Some of the things I miss:
[list style=”idea”]

  • Living downtown
  • DnD Sundays at Josh and Cynthia’s
  • My hotel peeps [not all of them, but a good number]
  • Guitar Hero marathons with Paige
  • Listening to music with Reid
  • Learning how to play WoW with Tim
[/list] Me: Okay I made a character.  What do I do?
Tim: Just wait there, I will find you.
Me: These two guys came up to me and are talking to me.  How do I talk to them?
Tim: Hang on… almost there…
Me: Now they are dancing.  I am so confused.

Of course, I do not miss:
[list style=”idea”]

  • Working third shift
  • Paying rent to live downtown

But you get the gist.  This isn’t to say that I am unhappy where I am now, far from it, but every once in a while I get injected with some sort of nostalgia virus and miss certain things.  It is a little like those times when you remember an old TV show from your childhood and get the urge re-watch it.  I would recommend getting it on Netflix though, as you will most certainly regret buying it.  Buying Dinosaurs might sound like a good idea now, but after the second or third “Not the Mama!” you will probably just shut it off.

I like to tease Mr. W that Higgs boson is real and the magical answer for everything because this bothers him.  For example, when we finally discover Higgs boson, we will be able to teleport!  Higgs boson will end world hunger!  And now, Higgs boson will make it possible for me to relive past experiences at my leisure!

Just wait, it’ll be a thing.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia Virus

  1. I do this with college. It's hard because no one I talk to on a daily basis has any idea of what I'm talking about, and Keith thinks that I'm lying about half of it, lol.

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