No Spoilers, But There is a Soapbox

So Tim and I went to see The DaVinci Code today. And now I can say, “I liked the movie more than the book.” Ian MacKellan was fun. That’s it. Also, correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t remember this detail in the book, but isn’t Silas an albino? That’s why he has white skin and white hair, correct? Albinos have red eyes, not pale blue–it’s part of what makes them an albino. But perhaps Silas isn’t an albino and is actually an angel of God or a ghost, which would render my point moot. Who knows. The movie did stick very closely with the book though, so if you liked the book then by all means see this movie–you’ll enjoy it.

Stepping out of the theater we saw real live protesters with signs insulting the movie and saying, “We love Jesus.” Yeah thanks, me too–want my ticket stub? What is the big damn deal? Dan Brown (a man who earned his fame with his controversy, not his writing) wrote a fictional book. Fiction means “not real.” These people are protesting something that isn’t real. I’d much rather devote my time to protesting against racism, or world hunger, or child labor in…Rwanda (or wherever they have child labor). Doesn’t that seem like a better use of time?

What message do these protesters send out to your typical movie-goer? “Do-dee-doo, I just finished watching that DaVinci movie. I didn’t understand everything it had to say, but it was interesting. What’s this? Christians are protesting it? Perhaps this movie hits closer to home than I thought.” Or worse, “Typical–those Christians are so close-minded. They’ll protest anything. What a bunch of idiots.”

Do you ever feel as though you’re the only one who gets it?

8 thoughts on “No Spoilers, But There is a Soapbox

  1. You know what? I agree. At least if you don't like the movie, say something useful about it. Not, "We love Jesus."
    That's friggin' dumb. The book was wrong about a zillion things about Christianity and Judeaism, but nobody is pointing those out. "We love Jesus."
    Great, could you be a little more useless? Waste your time a little more? Grrr.
    Anyway, I agree with you. So there ya go.

  2. you asked to be corrected, so here you go.
    albinos having pale skin, white hair, and red eyes is nothing but a big ole fat stereotype of albinos. a lot of them DO have blue eyes.
    and since i know that you think i'm a looney, i found this webpage that you can take a gander at so you'll believe me. 🙂
    shame on you for posting before doing the research for yourself. ::wink::

    • I can safely say that all the albinos I know have pale skin, white hair, and red eyes. But then, I know two.
      Thanks for the correction.

      • White rabbits have pink eyes and I think that where we get the misconception. I believe (I didn't look this up) that in the movie "Powder" the main character (another albino) also had pale blue eyes. He also had special powers to read people and he attracted lightening … now, most albinos probably don't do that.
        I asked my friend Veronica, "Is it wrong to think an albino, murderous, monk with lizardous eyes is still hot?" She pretty much said "To each his own" and then informed me that I will get to see monk ass when I finally see the movie.
        I find what protesters protest funny sometimes. I've run into protesters at LOTR protesting because they believed that Tom Bombadil was cut out of the movie because THE MAN wanted to keep pagans down. I've seen protesters outside of Dogma because they believed Kevin Smith was undermining religion even though it takes a Catholic to know how to piss off Catholics – case in point: Martin Scorsese and The Last Temptation of Christ.
        Now, I forget, does the Da Vinci Code actually posit that Christ never died on the cross or is that in tact and it's just that he and Mary Mag had some kids before he died on the cross? B/C, if he didn't die on the cross, that would piss me off. Just like it pissed off Harvey Keitel in The Last Temptation (see this movie!).
        Anyway, I'm always intrigued that nobody protested Stigmata. I think Stigmata is the movie that should have gotten under the church's skin. That movie pretty much says, "Hey, there's a gospel that the church is killing to keep secret because it has Jesus saying, 'Hey, you don't need a church and a bunch of corrupt priests telling you what to do because I am all around you, baby.'" So, not only do you have a movie telling you Jesus says you don't have to contribute to the Catholic Church, you have the Church killing people. Since that movie tells you it is based off of an actual gospel not included in the bible, I think it carries some more weight.

          • Right, but did they have a daughter and then Christ died on the cross or did they have a daughter and live happily ever after somewhere and the whole dying on the cross thing is a myth?

          • It poses that they were married, lived together a little while, she became pregnant and when he was crucified, Jesus's disciples secreted her away where she had the baby and raised it alone.

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