No Receipt? or, How to Make Teri Livid

I nearly lost it today.  I can’t remember the last time I got angry with a guest, but I know for certain that I’ve never gotten as angry as I did this morning.

A guest came to check out and wanted a copy of his room bill.  Ordinarily, I’d print one out and send them on their way, but this particular guest booked online, through Expedia, and therefore paid Expedia for his room, not the hotel itself.  I explained this to the man, and that he could contact Expedia to receive his receipt.  He did not understand this.

Man: “No, but I need my receipt for the room charges.”
Me: “I don’t have a receipt for your room charges.  You did not pay the hotel, you paid Expedia.”
Man: “I paid Expedia?”
Me: “Yes.  So only they can give you a receipt.”
Man: “But I need some proof that I stayed in the hotel.  Can’t you print out my bill?”
Me: “There is no bill.  If I try to print something, just a blank sheet will come out.”
[I print his “bill” and show him the blank sheet.]
Me: “If Expedia needs to verify you stayed here, they can call the hotel.  It’s not a problem.”
[One to two minutes of him staring at me like I was lying.]
Man: “But how can I get my receipt?”
Me: “Call Expedia.  They have your receipt.”
Man: “Can’t you do this and give me the receipt?”
Me: “They won’t talk to me.  Your payment with your credit card is confidential, sir.”
[More staring.  Teri gets angrier.]

In no way am I exaggerating when I say that we went around and around on this for fifteen minutes.  My patience was seriously waning and I tried dismissing him non verbally.  I went to answer a phone call.  He did not leave.  I moved a couple feet over and pretended to organize some hotel key cards.  He did not leave.

He instead started the whole torturous debacle anew.  I was seething, and using every last ounce of self-control I had to stay polite, instead of screaming at him.  Mike-the-Bellman, who had been listening to my plight, called the desk from his station and spoke with The New Guy, who was in the back office.  Mike told him to get me and tell me I had a phone call in the back, just to get me away from the guest.  New Guy took over and when I got into the back I actually had to cry for a minute in order to calm myself down.

After another five or so minutes, New Guy finally got the guest to leave by writing on the blank hotel sheet: “So-and-So stayed at this hotel from [this date] to [that date]” and signed it.

We had a pretty good laugh about it later, where both Mike and New Guy voiced their concerns.

New Guy: “Teri, you always seem pretty level, but when I walked out there and saw you I thought, ‘Aw shoot, that guy is gonna die’.”

3 thoughts on “No Receipt? or, How to Make Teri Livid

  1. the idiocy of some people just boggles my mind.
    like i've always said, anyone with an IQ under 115 should be systematically shot, gassed, or maimed. or maybe just round them up, build a huge fence around kansas and keep them there. (kansas, simply because its a square state so the fence would be cheaper to build.)
    i like this "new guy". he seems funny.

  2. Stop hatin' on KS!
    Oh man, I laughed out loud at the end of that only because I know what that's like. Students are always asking me stuff where I have to respond, "Talk to your lender." Then, the students don't know who their lender is and I think, "You have a contract with this company stating that they will lend and then you will repay thousands and thousands of dollars and you don't know their NAME!"
    I've gotten that angry at work and cried at work so don't feel bad. Thank God you have supportive co-workers. I like how that little note pacified the guy. Like he has a note that says, "Joe Blow is late to class today because Mommy's car wouldn't start. Signed, Mommy"

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