Night Walks and New Rules

Tonight is beautiful.

I am off work and would love nothing more than to go on a walk to the lake.  Alas, I am too much of a pansy to do so by myself at 10pm.  (My mother is most assuredly pleased by this fact.)  And no one is available to walk with me.  What is wrong with these people?  There is plenty of time for doing homework or sleeping tomorrow.  The night walk is NOW.

And I also need to throw a completely random reminder to myself in here.  SELF: You have bad timing. It is a simple fact of life–something that you were born with and will carry with you until your death (which will also be due exclusively to bad timing).  However, you can try to combat this.  Whenever you want to do or say anything that could be considered even slightly important–WAIT 24 HOURS.  It’s your new rule.  And you’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “Night Walks and New Rules

        • Okay, so I did this thing in the afternoon and then that same evening another thing happened. And I wouldn't have done the first thing if I had known that the other thing was going to happen, but of course there was no way I could have known that the other thing was going to happen, because it was kinda out of the blue. But if I had implemented the 24 hour rule before doing the first thing, then I wouldn't be confused right now and neither would you.
          And isn't that better for everyone?

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