News Update: Teri and beyond

So a man slapped a toddler in Wal-mart.  And not even his own toddler…just some random-ass toddler that was crying in the store.

I like how the media doesn’t try to paint even the smallest positive light on the guy.  Look at the picture of him in the article–he looks so angry!  I’m not trying to defend the guy or his actions, I just find the picture terribly amusing.  Definitely a toddler-slapper if I ever saw one.

And then there’s this.  Where a man convicted of rape is released by the state (despite warnings that he is too violent to be let out) only to continue his ways.  If I was one of these TWO victims, I would sue the state corrections and parole boards for everything they are worth.  Is that even allowed?  Because it should be.  This is our justice system at work, people.

In more Teri-relevant news, I was in Ohio for Josh and Cynthia’s wedding.  I feel like a horrible friend for arriving a little late the day before and having to leave a little early the night of, but it was still an awesome and beautiful day.  They seemed very happy and very in love–that’s what really matters.  Hopefully I’ll get some copies of pictures and can slap ’em up here.

Mr. W came with me and we took a day detour through Dayton, visiting Stephanie and Jaime.  Both of which really liked him.  One night Mr. W, me, Steph, and her husband sat around playing card/board games [I played Settlers of Catan for the first time.  Also won Settlers of Catan for the first time.] and I became so happy that I had some friends who liked Mr. W and were supportive of my relationship with him.  I haven’t had that for quite a while that it almost made me cry.  Hell, it makes me want to cry thinking about now.  It also made returning to Chicago bittersweet, because while I love being home [home is where your stuff is, afterall] at the same time I am very unhappy here.

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  1. That was such fun times! And reading back through your blog makes me miss you so freaking much :'( . I'm so glad you're getting married here. Let me know what I can do to help, since I'm here and all.

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