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Police raided a radical-Mormon polygamist compound in Texas–freeing some 400 children and 180 women who had been living there communally.  The women were being forced to marry older men and birth their children.  I want to know how something like this can go on without people noticing.  Police only raided after receiving a phone call from a 16-year-old saying that at 15 she was forced to marry and bear a child with some guy in his fifties.

Six girls and 2 boys are going up on charges for violently beating another 16-year-old girl–for the express purpose of filming it and putting the video up on YouTube.  The victim was hospitalized for a concussion and damage to her left eye and ear.  I won’t even comment on this.

A teenaged girl not only carried a baby without anyone noticing, she birthed the infant in her high school bathroom and tried to flush it down the toilet, killing it.  I feel for her and all, but clearly she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  I mean, you can’t even flush tampons without clogging up the toilet, where the hell did she think that baby was gonna go?

An Indian baby was born with two faces.  It’s not Siamese twins…it’s one baby.  Two faces.  She’s being hailed as a reincarnation of a Hindu goddess.  The article mentions that she’s in control of both sets of faces, and all four of her eyes blink at the same time, which sounds undeniably freaky.

And because I need to show that I don’t only report the horrible and the freakish:
A Michigan engineering student designed and built his own working replica of a WWII German tank (scaled down in size, of course).  The turret can shoot out both golf balls and empty Red Bull cans.  It has it’s own parking space on campus, with a sign that reads “Panzer parking. Violators will be totaled.”

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  1. I was home sick once and watched an entire Jenny Jones (or some other horrible show like that) about mothers who didn't know their daughters were pregnant until they took them to the hospital to give birth.
    All of the mothers were pretty much just like, "Oh, well, she always kind of wore baggy clothes." I guess we know where the daughters get their ability to live in denial.

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