Well, back from my mini-Christmas break.  As always, going to South Carolina to see the family was great.  I got some movies, some books, and the PC game Spore.  Haven’t played it yet, but everything I’ve heard says the game is awesome.  What did you get for Christmas?

My dad and I were sitting in his truck, waiting for my mom and brother to meet us for lunch, when Simon & Garfunkel’s “I Am a Rock” started playing.
Me: “I love this song.”
Dad: “So do I.  I always think of you when I hear it.”

It made me tear up a little to hear him say that, which only proves how not like that song I actually am.  But I wish I was.

In actual news, today I read news articles about:
*a teen who died after being tortured by his father and tied to a tree for 18 hours.
*a 9-year-old girl who wrote a letter to Santa asking for her molestation to stop.
*an Oregon couple who beat their 9 children with boards, pipes, and metal spoons.  Apparently the father claimed to be Jesus Christ and kept incredibly strict order.

Humanity, you make me sick.  I need some kind of parental control on my news feeds so that I can be informed on current events, but avoid these…  I don’t even think I know of a word vile enough to express my feelings.  I shall make one:  desopravilian.  Yes.  Avoid these desopravilian acts.

On an unrelated note, I finally stopped procrastinating and applied to business school.  Their upcoming quarter starts Jan 10th, for which I doubt I met any kind of deadline, so perhaps I can start in the Spring.  I am excited, both to start the program and for finally making a decision.  It’s a good step forward.

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