Nazis and Unpacking

So I had to retake the first APA Nazi’s class again [had a different teacher this time] because I got a C in the class the first time and C is not passing in graduate work.  I’ll be honest, I save all my assignments and other than modifying the dates and prof’s name, I didn’t alter my assignments much.  I finished the retake of that class with a 97% A.  Figure that one out.

The other class I just finished was with the APA Nazi, though never once did she count me off a single point for APA and was really nice to me in class.  Mr. W thinks she found out how much I complained about her teaching ability [or lack thereof].  Finishing that class with an A as well.  One more class to go!  Oh my goodness me, I can taste it.  Not the class, but the freedom that awaits me come August 21.  Would it be weird to just do all my assignments for the class right now?  Turn them all in and say “SUCK IT, SCHOOL!”  That’s what I’d like to do.

The unpacking process is progressing slowly.  I haven’t been able to get all of my books or my bookshelves yet, so any further unpacking will probably result in creating more of a mess, as I have no place to put all the books I did manage to bring with me.  I’ll stick some pictures of the place on here once it doesn’t look like a hurricane-stricken refugee camp.

Also, for the record, wine freezes pretty quickly.  Don’t stick it in the freezer, like I did, thinking that it will just chill faster that way.  Because, while it WILL chill faster that way, a solid wine mass isn’t really a complement to any meal.

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