Name Me!

Well, I think my neck is doing better.  Last night I could move around a little more and I don’t have any pain or stiffness today.  After work I shall attempt to lie on my side.  Here’s hoping.

I have recently discovered that I really like graphic design.  I like it enough to wish that I had realized this years ago when I was still in college and could have changed my major.  The thought had crossed my mind to start a freelance graphic design company for myself.  But to do this I would need a good, professional website.  So I am now trying to learn Macromedia Dreamweaver in an effort to design my own website.  This is easier said than done, let me tell you.  I’m half-tempted to pay the $40.00-60.00 for a ready-made web template.  Another problem I’m having is coming up with a good company name.  Anyone have any name ideas I could steal?  That’d be swell.  Oh, and a million dollar slogan.

I’ve also been researching Buddhism.  I’d like to incorporate some of their principles into my life, as it seems very calming and peaceful.  That sounds nice to me now.  So I’ve started up with meditating.  I think that’s the only real change, so perhaps saying, “I’m incorporating Buddhism into my life” is slightly misleading.  I am, however, also trying for more of their mindset of impermanence.  Some of the eightfold path as well, like right actions, right speech, and right thought.  That never hurt anyone, I don’t think.  I also totally believe in Karma, but not that it dictates your lot in the next life.

Perhaps I’ll take snippets of every religion there is and combine them into one large, bastardized religion that doesn’t really follow or agree with any of the originating religions.  How’s that sound?  I’ll kneel facing the east at sundown and meditate on the Dhamma while chanting an intercessory prayer to Jesus.  Then I’ll put on my Yarmulke and read a selected passage each from the Koran and the Book of Mormon and finish with a pagan dance around a pine tree.

7 thoughts on “Name Me!

  1. What you need to remember about Buddhism is that you are supposed to lose all desire so that you can be perfectly happy no matter what happens.

    I think I’ve been practicing my own bastardized religion all my life. Maybe I should start thinking of some sort of ritual so it’s more like a religion and less like a set of moral codes.

  2. Sooo, Teri. If you want, I can pull out my text and notes from the classes I’ve had that has studied Buddhism. I think Tao would be good for you too; it’s kind of on the same path but more of a “do nothing” philosophy. I know lots about Buddhism so if you wanna chat, pick my brain, whatever, I’d be happy to share what I know.

    And you’re really good at graphic stuff….you’ve got a knack for it and nothing says you can’t go back to school for it….Columbia DOES have a program….btw, what is your degree in? I don’t think I’ve ever known..

    Dru misses Megan….and Cynthia misses Teri!

    • I’ve been learning a lot from a site called That title always makes me giggle. I’ll have to look into Tao–don’t know much about that.

      I could go back to school for graphic design, but that just seems so…wasteful. To get another bachelors degree. I have one in Communication.

      I miss you too!

  3. You could name your company ‘Fuzzy Navel’. Probably not the best for a graphic design company, but you’d get neato looks.

    And you know, I design web pages….on the cheap too.


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