My Weekend, or, Killing Terrorists

So this weekend I finally drove a Honda Element.  Previously I’d only been able to admire them from afar, but thanks to I-Go I can now drive one anytime I want*.  We are moving in just a little over two short weeks (dear lord, help me) and so we are in great need of boxes.  A guy who works in my company’s mail room got 27 paper boxes together for me.  All I needed to do was rent said Element and pick them up.

My boss is gone at work, meaning that I have more responsibility (why do people keep giving me that stuff?) and am working more hours.  We’ve been without her for a week now and nothing has gone awry–but again, it’s only been a week.  We shall see how stressed out I am around October 10th (it’s a work deadline for things I don’t feel like explaining and probably wouldn’t make much sense to anyone anyway).

Also, I’ll soon be doing another ultrasound and another spinning doughnut thing (technical term, CT scan).  I still have that weird pain every so often and I have a new doctor so she wants to a.) see if any problems have developed since the last tests, and b.) verify previous claims that I have an extra “half-uterus” and may or may not have my left kidney.  I would like to have some verification on both, please and thank you.

So that’s about it for me.  Not too much terribly exciting going on.  But I did spend my weekend killing terrorists with Tim**.  And, as I’m sure you all are aware, killing terrorists is always a fun time had by all.  Until a shotgun guy sneaks up behind you and plants one in the back of your head.

*to pay for it.
**in the game Rainbow 6 Las Vegas 2, not in real life.  So not as exciting as it could be, but I can’t actually die so things balance out.

2 thoughts on “My Weekend, or, Killing Terrorists

    • I am VERY excited about the new place. Still going to live with Tim, and we're adding Paige (who has always been an honorary roommate, if not a technical one).

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