My So-Called Stress

In theory, I have a job interview.  Just as soon as the lady calls me back to finalize the day and time.  We’ve been playing phone tag, thanks to my irregular sleeping habits.  This job would be weekdays.  And it would pay more.  Cross your fingers for me, will you?

Come September I will have been at my current job for two years.  I found out yesterday that at that time I will receive 10 whole days of vacation time.  Well gaww-ly!  I’m not gonna know what to do with myself.  I guess that’s a lie–I know exactly what to do with myself.  Not come in to work, that’s what.  Anything in addition to that is gravy.

In housing news, Tim and I have begun our apartment search.  We’re looking in a couple different areas of Chicago, one at which Paige is also looking.  That would be awesome to get an apartment in close proximity to her.  Obviously, seeing as we’re looking at Chicago apartments, we decided not to move forward with San Diego.  At least, not right now.  We’re thinking we’ll give Chicago one more year, and then try somewhere new.  Possibly San Diego.  Possibly somewhere else.  Lately we’ve both been feeling that we aren’t really doing anything here.  Working jobs that we, at best, feel blah about.  Tim needs to move eventually to work in his chosen field, while I basically just want an adventure.  I’ll admit it.

In a chat regarding the pros of living in San Diego…
Teri: “Plus there are tons of military men there.  Teri likey the military men.”
Steph: “You’ll always know where you stand with them.”
Teri: “Yep.  No defining needed.  And if they don’t call after a date, I can just tell myself they were deployed.”

2 thoughts on “My So-Called Stress

  1. Good luck with apartment hunting. I know how terrible it can be.

    If you like military men and adventure, you could always move to Alaska. They have plenty of both. And sarcasm, lots of sarcasm.

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