Music, Weddings, and Hairy Legs

I’ve been single for a little over a week now and you know what that means: I haven’t shaved my legs.  It’s something that I usually find wonderfully freeing but was pretty embarrassed about at the hospital.  I kept feeling the need to apologize for my unkempt hairiness each time a new person looked at my leg [and did a couple times].  They certainly didn’t seem to care, but people just don’t need to see that.

I downloaded waaaay too much Vitamin String Quartet music from iTunes Music Store.  Spent $75.  Teri crazy.  But I’ve been listening to them nonstop ever since, so it’s worth it, right?  The amount of stuff they have is incredible.  I mean, these guys do anything.  U2, Coldplay, Enya, Alanis Morrissette, 311, Korn, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Pink Floyd, The Doors…the list goes on and on for seventeen pages of albums.  And it’s all beautiful.  Listening to them makes me want to pick up my violin again, but then I get distracted by something shiny.

I am also realizing that I make little, if any, sense.  Yeah, yeah, something you’ve known for quite some time, I hear you.  I’m listening to a lot of these string quartet versions of songs and thinking, “Oh that’d be pretty for a wedding!  I could totally use that!” but I actually have zero desire to be committed to anyone.  And I’m not positive on this, but I think a wedding denotes commitment.  Quite unfortunate, really.  We need to do away with all these old-fashioned prerequisites.  Love and honor?  “‘Til death do us part”?  Pssht.  I just want the ceremony in a disgustingly expensive dress and get tons of presents.  Hmm, and the honeymoon.  Then we can divvy up the spoils and go our separate ways.  Maybe do it again later.  I’m open.

I’m making a concerted effort to blog more, and this is what you get: Teri proving repeatedly just how strange she is.  And, more than likely, giving you fodder that can later be used against her in a court of law.  On charges having something to do with polygamy, no doubt.

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