Music News

Went to a Coldplay concert with Paige on Saturday.  It was in Wisconsin, so I also got to rent a car and have a mini-roadtrip.  God, I love roadtrips.  I need to do them more often.  But with a music supply other than the radio [and by “the radio”, I mean “crap”].


Sorry no pictures this time.  It was an outdoor venue and we didn’t have the best view.  Well, we could see the screen spot on, just not the band itself.  And who wants to take pictures of a screen?


In the middle of one song, Chris told the audience how great it was and blah blah blah and then said he’d like to extend an invitation to us all to help them form the largest band ever.
Chris Martin: “It will consist of the 4 of us and the 34,000 of you, and might actually end up being larger than the Dave Matthews Band.”


They continued the song and he cued the audience to sing the chorus.  We started and he stopped us immediately and said, “No, no–you can do better than that.  Come on now, I just asked you to join the fucking band.”  I thought that was pretty funny.


They also did an acoustic version of Billy Jean, which was lots of fun.  Chris did all the Michael Jackson noises and everything.  At the end of the show they handed copies of LeftRightLeftRightLeft to everyone.  I already had it downloaded, but grabbed one anyway.


I’ve decided to see Coldplay as often as possible.  Perhaps it can become a yearly tradition thing, like 311.  They are just so amazing live.


Coming up in music news, LOLLAPALOOZA!  Only going one day this year, which corresponds with my birthday quite nicely [happy birthday to me!].  Plan on seeing Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Thievery Corporation, Of Montreal, and Kings of Leon -or- Depeche Mode [haven’t decided yet].  Will definitely have pictures of those.


Also, I can’t stop watching this video.  It is adorable and a fun idea and I wish to do something similar, were I ever to get married.

What do you think?