More pointless than a traffic cop…

I want to post something worthwhile for a change, but keep coming back to the pointlessness of those traffic cops in intersections or why on earth someone was blasting Pachelbel’s Canon from their car.  The car windows were up and I could clearly hear the song as I walked by on my way to work.  That dude loves his classic music.  Don’t mess with it!

Okay, here’s something: “Cheating” is a topic that has recently been floating in and out of conversations at work.  What is cheating?  What is not considered cheating?  I’m the lone female on the night shift, so there has been an interesting spectrum of responses.  One guy said that it’s not cheating as long as no “real” sex is involved.

I think it’s not so important how you define cheating, but rather, how your partner defines cheating.  They are the ones you will be answering to, after all.  But, to me, cheating is doing anything that you wouldn’t want to tell your partner about or that you would feel guilty telling them about.  Let’s say I am married and having dinner with a colleague.  During this dinner, the colleague confesses feelings of attraction and kisses me.  I know some people that would consider this cheating because a kiss was involved.  I do not–simply because I’d return home and say, “Honey, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me tonight…”

Conversely, let’s say I return the kiss.  For whatever self-preservation reason, I do not tell my significant other.  I consider this cheating.  On a smaller scale than “real” sex, of course, but cheating nonetheless.

So what do you consider cheating?  Is there a specific “cheating line” drawn in the sand for you?  Is it forgivable?  Do you even think it’s wrong?  I know a guy at work who has cheated (by even the most liberal of definitions) and has no remorse.

That turned out slightly more worthwhile than my thoughts on traffic cops.  I mean, why even have the stoplights?  They are doing the same job.  Those guys stand out there and mirror the traffic lights.  If they were overriding the signal instructions, I would shut up about it.  But they aren’t.  It’s superfluous.

9 thoughts on “More pointless than a traffic cop…

  1. I would agree that anything you wouldn’t want to tell your significant other is cheating. It’s really bizarre that this came up b/c I was out with Sara at a bar last night and some creepy guy asked me if kissing was cheating. After a few seconds thought, I said yes; because it is to me. I backed off a bit from that a little later b/c it really depends on the 2 people involved. Cheating is one of those lines that is extremely blurred because of it depending on those 2 people.

    So cheating is whatever a couple defines it as being.

  2. i condsidered it cheating when my husband met an online english whore and kissed her.
    but that’s just me.
    and he didn’t tell me until 2 weeks later, the pussy.

  3. I think the only flaw with your definition of cheating is that what if you have a real sleeze, as most men are, who gets drunk and sleeps with a woman. And the next day he goes home (not feeling bad about it) and says “oh Honey, you’re never going to believe what happened last night…”?

    With your definition, you’ve given him the excuse “I didn’t cheat! I told you!”

    Yes yes, it’s a loose argument. But SOMEONE out there, I’m sure, would think that way.

  4. Cheating

    It’s only cheating if you don’t know the answer, and you look on someone else’s paper other than your partner’s paper. You are free to copy all you want from your partner’s paper. That’s why you shouldn’t marry anyone stupider (more stupid? of greater stupidity?) than you.

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