More Dream Weirdness

I dreamed that it was my wedding day.  For some reason, I had to run some errands.  So I’m doing whatever it is that I have to do.  I feel like I’m running really late and start to panic.  The wedding starts at one but I have no idea what time it is, because every clock I pass shows a different time.  Some show 9:30am, one noon, another 12:35, another 1:45.  My cell phone clock says 2:30 and when I stop a man on the street and ask him, he looks at his watch and replies, “Seven pm.”

I decide that man is crazy and begin running home.  As I run to my building (which is kinda in the country), a mini-van pulls up and my mother, one of my aunts, and my great-aunt all jump out and demand to know where I’ve been.  I start crying and ask them what time it is.  They don’t tell me but just say things like, “We have to hurry up!” and “You’re so late!”

I was supposed to take a shower, but there is no time now.  And I cry harder as I realize that I left both hose and dress shoes at work.  Right there, outside, my female relations begin to fuss over me, one doing hair, one doing makeup, and my mom helping me into my dress (which is hideous–white with pinky-orange things on it).  While dressing, I get a text message from my father saying, “Where are you?!  Everyone is hungry!”

A groomsman appears, wearing a tux.  He’s very cute and has incredibly bright blue eyes.  My relatives greet him and I learn that his name is Mark.  He looks at me and says, “Who are you?”  I say, “I’m the reason everyone is waiting.”  He shrugs and goes back to the wedding.

I wake up.  Clearly this is the continuation of the spontaneous engagement announcement dream from last week.  I can’t wait for the one with the honeymoon–maybe I’ll finally meet the guy.  But the ways things have gone so far, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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