Memorial Day

There is a phrase that I’ve heard people use but never had a reason to until now:  Yesterday was made of awesome.

I had made plans to see Liz when she got off work at the hotel.  I went to meet her there and found out that Marty was also working.  He pulled me down to the basement for a little bit and we got to chat and make plans for meeting over drinks in the very near future.  So good to see him again.  I knew Liz was waiting for me at the front desk, so after 15 minutes I told him I had to get going, and he took me back up.
Liz: “You disappeared.”
Marty: “Yeah, I took her downstairs for a quickie.”
Liz: “Wow, fifteen whole minutes. That’s not good, Marty.”
Marty: “I haven’t seen Teri in a while.  Didn’t need much time.”
Then Liz and I headed over to Bennigan’s for some a little conversation and some great potato soup.  She came home with me and we were joined by Paige.  We taught Liz Guitar Hero and Rock Band (yay! a new recruit!) and I get a random call from Reid.  He says: “Mind if I swing by?”  Apparently, he was in town over the weekend.  “Hell no, I don’t mind!  Get over here!” I replied.  So on top of an already great day, I got to see Reid.  And found out he stops by my LiveJournal every so often.  (Hi Reid!  Love you!)
So yeah–a very happy day.

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