Meet Mr. W

This is an update which is sorely needed but I didn’t really know what/how much to say so I’ve been putting it off.  Remember that dream I had once where I was having dinner with all my friends and family and they asked for my latest news and I said, “I’m getting married”?  Well, this is my attempt to not let it go that crazy-far.  Also, I never held a lot back about my being a virgin, so I don’t see why I should start now that I’m not.

My boyfriend’s name is Steve, aka Mr. Wonderful [or Mr. W for short].  It is a rather big development in such a short period of time, I’ll grant you, but it seems to be in the natural order of things.  Suddenly that frustrating cliche of “when you know, you’ll know” makes a helluva lot of sense to the both of us.

His level of patience and his capacity for understanding astound me.  And I’m not going into major detail here, don’t worry, but it needs mentioned.  I’ve also posted about sexual abuse in my past–something which has decided to cause some unforeseen complications–and he has been nothing but caring and understanding.  I can’t thank him enough for this.

I’ve never been really gushy, so I’ll leave it at that.  Just wanted to let everyone know, because I’m sure he’ll become a regular in my blog-life.  Feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail if you have questions.

9 thoughts on “Meet Mr. W

  1. Hey Zig, no Mr. W is not Mr. 11. Yes, Mr. W knows about Mr. 11. Other than standing next to 11 a couple times, however, there isn't much to know. 🙂

  2. HahahahaNO…

    I knew about 11 before she told me about 11. I read the things that the people I am interested in have to say. I also read the things that other people linked to the people I care about say. I also find out the location of those people using the latest in high tech gadgets. I know where you are Dru… I will find you and I will eat you…

    I mean… hello, it's nice to meet such a fine young piece of meat… I mean, piece of human flesh… I mean creature.

    Seriously though, find you and eat you….

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