Meet Milo and Ellie

Mr. W never ceases to surprise me.  He is more of a dog person, while I am more of a cat person.  We agreed that once we have our own house with a backyard we can get a dog.  Until then, it’s cats.  I expressed concern at one point, thinking maybe we should get two cats, so one wouldn’t get lonely being all by itself.  Mr. W seemed reluctant to do this.

We went to the Anti-Cruelty Society on Sunday to find a male kitten, about a year or younger.  We looked at a couple, but weren’t completely sure about them.  One was meowing and being all cute in his cage but, once out, couldn’t care less about us.  And the second we stopped petting him he sprang and tried to make a run for it.  Not that I blame him, but I don’t appreciate being used!

The lady who was working with us mentioned a male kitten who had just come in to the shelter with his sister three days previous.  The staff didn’t know much about their personalities because they have been scared and hiding ever since.  We held the male kitten, who indeed was scared.  He tried to burrow into us and hid his face in our arms.  But he didn’t squirm, hiss, or cry.  Immediately I was drawn to the little guy and gave him to Mr. W to hold.

Mr. W: [indicating the cat’s cage in front of us] So that’s his sister?
Me: Yep. They came in together.  Why?  You want to look at her too?
Mr. W: Yeah.
Me: Are you thinking about getting BOTH?
Mr. W: Mayyyyybe…

So we have had Milo and his sister, Ellie, for about 24 hours now.  Ellie is definitely the bolder of the two.  We set them up in the bathroom with their litter box, bedding, and food/water.  Milo promptly scurried to hide behind the toilet and has been there ever since.  I am assuming/hoping he has come out to use the bathroom and eat or drink.  Ellie hid for a little bit but has left the bathroom a few times to explore the house.  And while both of them are completely silent for the most part, Ellie has started talking to us in small doses.

It’s hard giving them space.  I just want to hold them and love them but I know that it all needs to happen on their terms, not mine.  I never have been any good at patience.  I’m sure Milo will come around eventually and discover that we are pretty nice.  They’ve been through a lot in the past week (not to mention getting fixed yesterday morning!).  I can’t really blame them for being fraidy-cats.

I haven’t really been able to get any pictures of them yet.  As I type this Milo is still hiding behind the toilet and Ellie, after a brief flirtation with affection when I first came home from work, is now hiding behind the couch.

2 thoughts on “Meet Milo and Ellie

  1. Yay for kitties! We got ours when they were full-grown cats, and the girl cat spent the first week under the coffee table. We pretty much never saw her. Now she is very affectionate with me. They'll come around. 🙂 Can't wait to see them!

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