Me gusta Espanol

Que onda?  I’m back at work and learning Spanish from Andrea.  Muy divertido!  She’s been teaching me some common greeting stuff, some stuff to help me with customers, and some stuff that would definitely NOT help with customers.  🙂   Andrea es tutora de espanol y esta grandioso porque yo quiero aprender espanol. (Andrea is a Spanish tutor and that’s great because I want to learn it.)

The last thing I said in Spanish: Ahora es tiempo eschuchar musica en ingles.  (Now it’s time to listen to music in english. — We’d been listening to salsa all night.)

Not too much else going on.  Tim bought Guitar Hero II and I’ve been playing it like it’s my job.  I’ve also played a little Neverwinter Nights 2 and Final Fantasy XII.  All in all an enjoyable two days off work.

Well, ten un buen dia todo mundo! (Have a good day everyone!)  I have nothing else to say.

3 thoughts on “Me gusta Espanol

  1. muy bueno chica!
    and i'm impressed that i actually understood all of your spanish. i was always good at reading it, but not coming up with the sentences myself. ya know?

  2. I wish, oh how I wish, I had the money to buy 12…sigh. Stupid having to buy food. For two people. Hmmmmm…does husband *really* have to eat…?

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