Maybe It’s Cause I’m Always Tired…

…but people have really been getting on my nerves lately. All people. People on the street, the protestors from DaVinci Code, and, first and foremost, hotel guests.

I am quickly getting fed up with people’s stupidity. We need a little more common sense, please. That wouldn’t hurt anything. I also hate how much these people get to me. I’m practically seething with all the ignorance and stupidity I’ve encountered in just the last five hours. I’m going to someday reach a point where I start snapping at guests; that’s not a good thing.

On a not-at-all-related note: I just need to say thank God we can now buy a refrigerator with a television built right on the door. Depending on how you position the recliner in your kitchen, you might not even need to stand up when reaching into the fridge for another snack during the commercial break. And while we’re at it, I’d really like to see something in the way of an at-home feeding tube. I could just plug in my bag of “steak and potatoes” and have at it.

One thought on “Maybe It’s Cause I’m Always Tired…

  1. I do see the advantage of a TV in the kitchen b/c I often miss things while preparing food but I don't think the fridge door is the best place for one. I'd have to go with wall above counter or wall above stove. Then you could ALSO have one in the fridge door for when you need to turn away and get another ingredient.
    Feed tube: no. Some sort of TV beamed directly to the brain so we see it on a tiny screen kinda in our eye AKA like when Arnold has the video feed sunglasses in True Lies.

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