Mawiage is What Bwings Us Togewah Today

People around you getting married, or talking about getting married, makes you want to get married.

I blame my current desire on: 1. lilcyndisue (who recently got engaged), and 2. That Lumby Lines book in which a married couple takes on the task of purchasing and converting an old monastary into an inn.

I’d love to buy and run an inn with a spouse.  Or to travel with my partner, experiencing new sights and cultures.  The possibilities on places to go and things to do really are quite endless (provided I marry into money).  You only get the opportunities that you can afford, after all.  Or at the very least, pay back with interest.

I can picture myself traveling the world with my husband, who has ever only been a hazy suggestion in my mind’s eye.  He’s tall.  He has dark hair and an endearing smile.  He’s laidback and helps to even me (or rather my tendency to worry) out.  He is able to take things in stride and see the positive or humorous side.  He makes me feel financially secure doing whatever job it is that he does.  And, for some reason I’ll probably never really discover, is madly in love with me.

So now I have this annoyingly wistful longing to be married.  A “for better or for worse, ’til death do us part” longing.

Maybe I’m just getting my period.

3 thoughts on “Mawiage is What Bwings Us Togewah Today

  1. I know how you feel. It looks like all of my girlfriends might be in "the one" relationship right now. Michelle's with Mike, Veronica's with Boone, Laura's with Cece. Even though Laura isn't getting legally married anytime soon, she'll be practically married. I feel like I need to blame all of this on my depression which was the major cause behind me failing out of school. Now, I'm too busy to seriously date anyone. Plus, all the guys my age are graduated and fairly settled job-wise so they're shocked that I'm behind the curve. Since I'm behind the school/job curve, I'm also behind the love curve.
    My lack of car is also making me feel undesirable as a companion. I really need to date somebody who's metro-accessible.

  2. Hmmm…
    Hold out for the right one, chica. Don't let a bunch of married girls at work set you up with any 'ol guy who comes around. What is it about married people that they all want you to be married like they are? If you aren't picky I bet the girls I work with could get you married in the space of a month. lol…

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