Mark Your Territory

So the fluorescent urine will take some getting used to. We are talking highlighter yellow here, I kid you not.

I mentioned the development to Paige:
Paige: “You could really mark some territory with that.  People would be all ‘what is that?!’ and stay the hell away.  You should do a perimeter around the apartment building.”
Teri: “Only you would say that.  Most people would be all ‘ew, gross’.  You?  ‘Mark that shit!'”

The new diet is going really well. It’s only ten days in, but I’ve noticed some things immediately.

*Lost 7 pounds
*Appetite has decreased
*No cravings for junk food
*No more headaches (used to get at least a couple a week)
*No bloated feeling

And, since I started taking the vitamins two days ago:
*More energy
*Less tension
*Neon pee

A couple people have commented on how impressed they are with my ability to stick to this diet [the no granulated sugar, especially], but I assure you it’s not hard at all. As eating junk food is negatively cyclical, so is eating good food positively cyclical. In simplest terms, eating good food makes you want to eat good food. Once you start it becomes the easiest thing in the world.

The shots of fish oil are another matter entirely. Since I can’t swallow pills, my vitamin, calcium/magnesium, and omega-3 supplements are in liquid [read, “gross”] form. The fish oil tastes entirely of the orange flavor that has been added, thankfully, but has tiny chunks in it. I choose to believe that these chunks are the orangeness, and don’t you dare intimate otherwise.

Seriously, don’t.  I will come over there mark something–don’t think I won’t.

4 thoughts on “Mark Your Territory

  1. I have neon pee too – I call it Highlighter Pee. Also, there's a song, to the tune of TMBG's "Particle Man".

    "Highlighter pee, highlighter pee"

    That's about it, really.

    It's from the B vitamin I take.

    Love you!

  2. Vitamin B is the best, ever! I've been taking it for a couple years now, and it has really mellowed me out.

    You could try convincing yourself that the chunks in the orange fish oil are orange juice pulp. That's probably more pleasant, normal, and edible.

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