Make New Friends

So Mr. W and I have decided to try and be friends.  A precarious feat in and of itself given the mutually not-so-fond feelings between he and Tim.

I find it terribly funny how I can take a situation that is already an angry rattlesnake and accidentally poke it repeatedly with a stick.  And I mean “funny” not as is “haha funny” but more like “OH MY GOD, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!”
Me: “Oh look, a snake!  Better be careful… [poke] Oops!  Shit [poke] I’m sorry Mr. Snake! [poke poke]”

Mr. W wants to buy me dinner for my birthday but all the days that were good for him were bad for me and vice versa.  I got confused during the planning e-mails back and forth and thought that we WEREN’T making plans for last Monday when in fact we WERE making plans for last Monday.  Thinking I had the evening free, I agreed when Tim suggested we go see a movie together.

Afterword, I got a text from Mr. W asking if we’re still on for Monday and immediately felt my stomach drop as I realized just what I had done.  All I want to do is keep things as calm and harmonious as possible so that everyone is happy [a typical Teri M.O.], and at the first opportunity I made things worse.

I am posting this to firstly demonstrate my own sheer stupidity, and secondly with the hopes that someone will get a laugh out of it.  At least then it will have been good for something.

What do you think?