A Whole Lot of Reading Going On

In such a good mood today!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous and it is a Pay Day! (I capitalized it to express its importance.)  A bunch of us went out for lunch today in order to enjoy the great weather.  I even splurged on a decaf beverage from Starbucks, thanks to my Christmas-present-giftcard from my boss.

In more literary news, I recently finished Michael Chabon’s “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” (Goodreads rating = 2 stars for “not that big a fan”),  Harlan Coben’s “Deal Breaker” (Goodreads rating = 3 stars for “meh”) and Emma Donaghue’s “Room” (Goodreads rating = also 3 stars for “meh”).  Room wasn’t a bad book, but I certainly do not think it lived up to all the hype about it on the book’s cover.  It was interesting though, narrating from the point of view of a five-year-old.

With all that “meh” going on, I figured I better step it up a notch and read something really good.  I picked Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.” About 100 pages in and it is promising.  I am hopeful that it is more on the storytelling level of “The Shining” and less on the level of “Cell.”  Because, damn, I hated that book.

Also read an article today that is a little funny, a little pathetic, and not at all surprising.  Apparently there is a certain Army vet that keeps being declared dead and losing his pension.  Four times now he has had to go and let them know that he is not dead.  The end of the article really made me laugh, “A VA spokesman told WESH 2 News that the organization was looking into the case.  Miller said he asked his congressman to do the same, but so far, being alive has not been sufficient proof that he is not dead.”

That’s our government for you.

What do you think?