Lost: Energy. Reward if Found.

So the new phone has been gotten.  I am loving it and playing with it way more than is probably healthy, but whatever.  The dual, front-facing speakers is one of the reasons I picked this phone, but the sound quality is so good that whenever it makes a notification noise it scares me.  I am not kidding.  This phone is loud, and I have already turned the sound settings down to 50% volume.  So if you feel the need to frighten me, go ahead and send me a text or email.  I promise I will jump.

Went to the zoo yesterday.  It was a lot of fun, but doing things with kids really sucks up your energy.  I think they are energy vampires–they suck yours and transfer it into themselves.  This is why you never have any and they always seem to have so much of it.  Here is a picture of my stepdaughter and nephew-in-law.  Keepin’ it classy.



Here is another picture I like a lot of Mr. W and his daughter.  Very cute.  They look so much alike.

I have started learning German with that Rosetta Stone program.  So far I’ve learned a few verbs and some food names.  I am amazed to see how it will get me fluent.  But when I am, oh boy, what a day that will be.  I will do a blog post entirely in German to celebrate!  And you won’t even know what I’m saying because you probably don’t speak German.  I could probably just do the rest of this blog in “German” and you wouldn’t know the difference.

Was ist das? Der junge hat ein apfel. Die madchen haben kein pferds. Nein.

Okay, so that was actual German, not “German”.  I don’t really have anything else to say (and it could be debated that I never had anything to say here) so I think it’s time for a dance contest with my brother.






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