Libraries and Scary Shadow Dudes

I am making the switch from GoodReads to LibraryThing.  I am enjoying it more [though it is a little harder to add friends], and like their Early Reviewers program.  Hopefully I will get some free books to review!  I am still in the process of getting all of my books in [200 books done and “oh my goodness when did I get so many books?!” to go].  I ordered one of those CueCat scanners [which don’t work on older books, really annoying] and started scanning and entering my books.  It seemed to be moving relatively quickly and I thought to myself, “Hey this won’t be so bad.”  Then I went out into the living room and saw the other two bookcases that I had forgotten about.  Sigh.  Suffice it to say that it will be awhile before my personal library is complete on the website.

I would like some way to export my library to my phone.  That way before I go to buy a book that I am not sure I already own or not I can just consult the phone.  I have only purchased one duplicate book, though, which I think is a pretty good track record considering how many books I have purchased.

Also while going through my books–I have a few that are before the days of ISBNs and UPC codes.  And they aren’t even my copy of Shakespeare’s comedies published in 1924 or my copy of Goethe’s Faust from 1884.  They are books that were published during my lifetime.  I feel old.

Let’s see, in more electronic news, it took us [and by us I mean it was all Mr. W with me watching and panicking next to him] 2 days to beat Alan Wake.  Overall a good game, but when you are used to things like Oblivion, Fallout, Fable, and Dragon Age it’s  pretty damn-short.  The ending is just weird, so I will most likely want to play the second game in the hopes that it will explain some things.  A big problem Mr. W has with the game is the pointless collection.  Throughout the game you collect two things: manuscript pages [which further the story, develop the plot, and create suspense] and coffee thermoses [which do nothing].  There is an achievement for collecting all of these thermoses [thermi?], so naturally I want to do it.

Mr. W: “But it’s pointless!  They don’t help you.  They don’t advance the game.”
Me: “Sure they do!  They…uh…give you caffeine boosts so you can keep fighting the scary shadow dudes throughout the night.  Do you want to fall asleep while fighting a scary shadow dude wielding a CHAINSAW?!”

But actually, no.  They don’t do anything.  And seeing as the only way I will get them all is if I play the game myself, it doesn’t look like I will be getting that particular achievement.  Oh, Pointless Gamerpoints, how you mock me.
Oh, and a quick plug.  My friend Amber is doing a podcast with some other people.  It’s pretty fun and filled with all sorts of geekery, from comics to video games to joss whedon to larping to star trek.  If you are into those sorts of things, you should go check it out.

4 thoughts on “Libraries and Scary Shadow Dudes

  1. That's funny. The other day I found myself wanting a cue cat. They used to give them away for free and now they want money for them?!?

    Not I, not I. I've been typing barcodes by hand instead. Yes, I'm brilliant. 🙂

  2. LT has a mobile web site that's pretty simple/good for looking up your books when out. They're also working on an iPhone app eventually, not that you care, Blackberry girl.

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