Last Night = No Picnic

I worked last night by myself because Sam and New-Guy-Eric both needed the night off to go to various weddings.  Of course, last night was a bunch of sold-out craziness.

I somehow managed to screw up a guest’s account so badly that I couldn’t: add or subtract anything from the charges, record that the guest paid me cash, or check the guest out.  I finally left it as it was and waited for the three morning shift people to come in.  None of them knew a.) how I managed to do what I did, or b.) how to fix it.

In addition, I ran the audit nearly 3 hours later than I was supposed to due to the busyness, the guest from the above paragraph, and the fact that I couldn’t get anything to balance.  Extremely frustrated, I cried in front of Mike-the-Bellman, who went through everything and finally helped me balance.  He then went out and surprised me with an iced mocha to try and cheer me up.  That part was nice.  Made me cry again.  (Being a girl sucks.)

I’ll definitely get woken up today with a call from the General Manager in which he says, “Teri, you’re driving me crazy” a couple times.  It’s been a while since I had one of those.

Oh, and I also managed to crash the hotel software system.  We had to reboot all the computers before it magically came back online.  I’m kind of impressed with that one though.

4 thoughts on “Last Night = No Picnic

  1. an appropriate end to your week. now you have two nights off! yay!
    i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna have one of those nights today. there are two shows, and the first one might have 70 or 80 people — and i'm by MYSELF serving. AND the bartender tonight — this is her first night. i'm either going to come home drunk or crying.

    • mmm. Been there. Hate those days when it all goes to shit. But here's the thing…. who gives a rat's dirty fuzzy balls? I mean, it's just a job right? I have to remind myself of this often when silly office stuff gets me down. I mean, in a month is this really going to matter? or a year? or ten?
      Big hugs!

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