Keeping Warm

Well, my mom will be pleased to learn that I’ve finally used that pair of long underwear she gave me a couple Christmases ago.  And they worked quite well.  I managed to keep from freezing in my 2 pairs of socks, winter boots, long underwear, pants, tank top, blouse, winter coat, scarf, hood, and gloves.

This morning on my way to work it was -9 degrees, -30 with the wind chill factored in.  That’s too damn cold.  Why oh why did I start school, and thereby commit myself to another couple years in Chicago?  Why haven’t I fled for the hills of someplace much warmer?

At the train station I took my gloved hands out of my pockets and watched in curious fascination as steam rose off of my hands.  I’ll admit, it was kinda cool.  So far as I can see, steaming hands are the only perk of temperatures this cold.

I think for dinner tonight I will make some spicy beanless chili over a baked potato.  With a mug of hot chocolate for dessert.  That sounds just about perfect.  Oh, and we’ll get a fire going in the fireplace–which, if you think about it, is such a strange word.  And not at all creative.
Person 1: “Man, it’s cold.  Where should I start a fire?”
Person 2: “I have a place right here where I usually make fires.  I call it the fire place.”
I’m totally going to start calling the couch the assplace.

What do you think?