Just Say “No”

Today was my first countable Wednesday Weigh-In.  Three pounds lost this week, which disheartened me a little at first (was hoping for at least five) but I realized that if I maintained three pounds a week I would go above and beyond my 30-pound summer weight loss goal.  So there’s that.  I think I must be gaining some muscle also, because my pants are fitting a little looser.  I doubt only losing three pounds would account for that.

This is hard.  Not to say that I am surprised.  If losing weight were easy then I would not have weight to lose.  It’s a lot of telling myself no.  Just today, a guy walked past me in the office with a bag of McDonald’s.  It smelled really good.  It was depressing to eat my lunch of a pb&j sandwich and an apple after that.  But I did.  A couple of weeks ago I probably would have chucked the sandwich and gotten the damned McDonald’s.

One thing I have realized lately, with Mr. W’s help, is I’ve been lying to myself.  I always say, “I don’t have willpower” in regards to snacking, but it isn’t true.  If I didn’t have willpower there is no way I could be a minimalist.  By saying, “I don’t have willpower.  I can’t help myself” I am actually giving myself an excuse.  Like, I can eat those chips because I don’t really have a choice–I don’t have willpower.  It’s time to admit that I am actually eating those chips because I don’t want to tell myself no.

So I’m changing my inner dialogue a little.

Brain: I want some chips!
Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Me: We really shouldn’t have chips.
Me: Fine, damn you.

Brain: I want some chips!
Me: No.
Brain: Pssht, you can’t tell me no.  GIMME…
Me: No.
Brain: [pouts] You’re mean.
Me: Suck it.

One thought on “Just Say “No”

  1. seeeeriously know where you're coming from. ::SIGH:: but you've hit the money on the head.. wait..

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