Just FYI

I think my bosses are a little worried, and have been trying to keep me away from work.  Regardless, this week I am off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.  I get paid for Monday because of Martin Luther King day, but I’ll still be taking a day’s pay cut from my paycheck.  That’s not cool, but oh well.  I don’t know what to do with all these nights off.  I’d like to say that I’ll do things that are worthwhile with my time, but I’ll probably just end up playing a lot more video games.  We spent an exorbitant amount of time last night playing Wii bowling and tennis.  Good times.

Oh!  Cynthia just called and so I’m going over there for the evening to hang out or watch a movie or something.  One day down, two to go!

5 thoughts on “Just FYI

  1. I assume they are worried about stalker boy? I am sad you have to loose out on pay cause of him. I hope also that he doesn't somehow find out where you live that would be horrible. Well enjoy nights off I am at the 00-08 here as always *hugs*

  2. Oh man, the Wii is the first gaming system I've wanted since I played Kart on the N64. It is actually fun and I feel like I'm doing something like beating Mario at Wii Golf even though I've never played golf in my life.

  3. Geez, talk about a double edged sword. Paycut, but no scary stalker incidents either. Hm.
    I want the Wii too, but most of the games I really want now are on 360. So that will be the first thing we buy. We're saving up now.

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