Just Die Already

I like those days when you’re just generally in a good mood.  Nothing in particular has happened to make you happy, but nothing’s happened to make you angry either.  Today is one of those days, and even though the hotel is crazy-busy tonight, I’ve been able to handle it cheerfully.  That’s just great.

My Sim family had twins, so now my household consists of two grandparents, mom, dad, a toddler, and twin babies.  All the children are girls.  I’m really hoping the grandparents kick the bucket soon here, or at the very least one of them.  When the twins are kids and sleep in regular beds I have no place to put them.  I need to add on to my house, methinks.  I <3 Sims.

There’s a guest at the hotel who’s last name is “Wetnight.”  And it’s not a typo; I double-checked the credit card.  I think that’s an unfortunate last name.

What do you think?