Just Another Night

As I type this, there is a woman yelling at the top of her lungs. She’s been doing this for quite some time. Marty tells me that she’s a drunk and psychotic, mostly naked, black woman. She’s lying on the floor, bleeding pretty badly (apparently someone beat her). The police are here, trying to talk to her and–quite frankly–arrest her. But she keeps yelling, “Help me” and “Hello”. Like over and over again. For five straight minutes. I’m glad this is all happening fifty feet down the hall from me, where I cannot see anything and not right in front of the desk.

Ahh…things just got quiet. I think the police finally got her out here. This has been going on for the last thirty minutes.

But I am happy to report that other than this episode, tonight went pretty well. The hotel wasn’t as full as last weekend, and I only had a couple annoying drunk phone calls.

Now if I could just get that woman’s yelling off my mind.

3 thoughts on “Just Another Night

  1. Update
    So I was briefed by security as to what happened. This woman and her boyfriend/husband/random guy start fighting. They each punch each other. A hotel security guard witnesses this and approaches them, to stop it. She punches the security guard. Two other security guards come running and it takes all three to pin her down. (This is where the yelling started.) Police are called. Security lets the police take over. The woman punches a police officer and knees him in the groin. The police retaliates forcefully (which is where the majority of the blood came from, though she was bleeding before this.)
    So there you go.

  2. That is one fiesty woman! Wow, Teri, sometimes I wish my job was more exciting but … not that exciting. I'm glad you're OK and that you didn't get kneed in the groin.

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