John Williams and Death

Firstly, according to the death clock I am dying on Friday, July 25, 2042.  I’m thinking that perhaps if I do a couple push-ups and cut out an occasional coffee between now and then I can prolong my death to Monday, August 7, because I think it’d be cool to die on your birthday.  It would really cut down on carving the tombstone anyway. 

Here lies Teri
     Aug 7

Hmm, I’ll will have just turned 62.  That’s pretty flippin’ young to be dying.  Sheesh.

In nondeath-related news, Tim and I went to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra perform tonight.  John Williams himself conducted a night of movie music (mostly written by him).  They played 4 pieces from Harry Potter, which was splendiferous.  There were four encores, in which they played the theme from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  All in all an incredibly enjoyable evening.  Season tickets to the Symphony are something I would love to have, but would never in a million years have the money to get.

What do you think?