Jesus Rose Today….Here Have a Purple and Blue Egg

Hate Fergie?  Hate the song “My Humps”?  Enter Alanis…

Our friends Christine and Paige came over for Tim & Teri’s Makeshift Easter Dinner Extravaganza 2007.  The meal consisted of chicken tenders and homemade macaroni and cheese with sides of instant mashed potatoes and asparagus.  It may not have been very Eastery, but it sure was tasty.  We also hard-boiled some eggs, but seeing as we forgot to buy any sort of egg coloring, they are all white.  Um, white to symbolize the, uh, the purity of our Lord.  Yes.  We planned that.

All in all, this year was definitely a step up from the last time we tried to make Easter eggs.  Of course, that could be because Paige oversaw the entire process.

And I cooked!  I made the chicken strips.  I laid them very neatly onto a cookie sheet and then placed that cookie sheet into the preheated oven.  Then, when the timer sounded, I removed the cookie sheet.  The whole thing took a great deal of concentration and finesse.  I think that should be the extent of my cooking, because anything more complicated can only end badly.  But I do make a damn fine Hot Pocket.

I would now like to conclude this post with a brief moment of silence for the large stove burner, which was tragically killed in the line of duty tonight.  It is survived by three uselessly small burners.  Large Stove Burner–you will be replaced promptly, but never forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Rose Today….Here Have a Purple and Blue Egg

  1. I can't stop watching it. I love the moment with the guys after she has that "no drama" moment. They're all like, "Whoa…"

  2. That video made me go through many emotions. I saw it sometime last week and didn't know what to think b/c you don't really think of Alanis as funny though she dates comedians (Uncle Joey, Ryan Reynolds). Singing the song that way … it's weird.

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