My interview with Hotel Number One was today.  I feel reticent about giving company names, so I won’t.  But I can provide other information, such as: it’s a five-star hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.  They are also in Fortune magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work For for 9 years running.  They have half the rooms of my current hotel, which is truly a blessing.  And their starting pay is three dollars and fifty cents more per hour than I make currently.  Great Odin’s raven!  Also, it’s rotating between first and second shift with a slight chance of a third shift “every once in a great while.”  Whatever that means.  (And also matching 401k, medical/dental/vision (non-HMO), and an employee restaurant where everything is free.)

I feel as though the interview went well.  I smiled a lot and showed that I was a motivated individual.  We swapped some hotel stories and she said she was finishing up interviews this week and would call me next week to let me know.

I left the interview to find a voice mail on my cell phone from Hotel Number Two.  This one is a four-star, I believe (might be 5), and is a bit closer to my apartment.  I have an interview with them on Monday.  And it’s not even for the front desk, but Administrative Assistant for their Sales department and two dollars more per hour than I currently make.  And it’s 8-4 Monday through Friday.

I really want that job at Hotel Number One.  If you pray, I’d appreciate it.  If you don’t pray, perhaps you can send them gift baskets containing subliminal messages to hire me?  I can give you the address.

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  1. I will indeed pray and send good vibes your way.. I think you need to get hired on at the hotel that hosts ACEN (Anime Central) so i can try and make myself go again and say hi to you 🙂 hehe. yes, I know it is probably to far from where you live but just saying would like to see ya :).

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