I have the last weekend off from work and Tim and I booked a reservation online for a rental car so it’s official–we’ll be in Dayton at the end of April.

Lately I’ve been feeling this need to change myself. In an effort to be less organized, I moved a small pile of spiral notebooks and magazines from my desk to my floor. I’ve even tipped the pile slightly to make it a little messier. I was going to start leaving clothes on the floor, but decided not to overdo things.

I’m also attempting to think more and talk less, though this one will probably only affect Tim. I’d love to develop a way to make my face less expressive, so perhaps I should look into Botox. I hate that everyone can see my emotions on my face; it just makes lying about them that much harder.

I go through mottos on a weekly basis. Things like “get your money’s worth” or “you have to break a few eggs to make on omelette” are examples of my temporary creedos. Lately my motto is, “Beauty is in the imperfections.” I think this could apply to many things, whether you’re sketching a picture of an inanimate object, or baking a cake. Trying to be so precise and pefectionistic only tends to make the final product worse. And aggravates you more. This is an important thing for me to learn.

Tomorrow Tim and I go to see the Silent Hill movie. I am excited! I will be so scared! Do you think people would look at me weird if I brought a pillow to hug during the really tense parts? Hugging a pillow makes everything better.

5 thoughts on “Imperfect

  1. I saw it (I couldn't wait for next weekend. I was too excited). It is scary, and it is SO much like the game. SO MUCH.
    Enjoy it. I want to know what you think afterwards!

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