Imbibing Christmas

Time flies when you’re utterly miserable. That’s just an observation I’ve made. I had to do some much hated scanning for the first two hours of work today and they flew by. At least that’s something. I’m so happy that God knew what I could and couldn’t handle. He’s the reason they switched me from scanning to rescans. Because if they hadn’t I would have either lost my mind or quit my job. Both sort of screw me over, but if I lost my mind I think I could collect disability, and that’s a plus.

Do you ever get the urge to say a word? Just some random word pops into your head and you have to say it. Right now I need to say “imbibe”. I looked it up and I can’t really work it into a normal Teri-sentence. I can manufacture one though. “I have imbibed a prejudice from society towards midgets.” Imbibe, Imbibe, Imbibe! I’m a bibe, you’re a bibe. Imbibe!

I love Christmas and I hate it. Growing up it was my favorite holiday and it always felt so special to me. But now it seems like it’s been so commercialized. It drives me crazy. You have your christmas lights, and trees with extravagant ornaments, new christmas dresses to wear to church, christmas parties, christmas cards, christmas cartoons, christmas sitcom specials, special price-slashed christmas sales, christmas statues and figurines, christmas candy, christmas foods, and then of course, the real reason for christmas – presents! Anything and everything you could imagine being mass marketed and advertised telling us we need it and Christmas is the perfect time to get it. It makes me bitter (obviously). Oh oh, how about this? I have imbibed an enormous amount of bitterness from our commercialization of Christmas. Yay!

There they go again with the air conditioner. I think that whomever is wielding this air conditioning authority should go to the doctor. There is obviously something wrong with their head. I’m cold! People all around me are putting on jackets or sweatshirts.

One thought on “Imbibing Christmas

  1. Now that I think of it, "sweatshirt" is indeed a disgusting word.
    Re: Christmas. I stopped participating. I don't buy presents for people.
    It used to feel special when I was a kid, too. Probably cuz I lived in my parents' house and didn't care how much stuff I owned. It's not as fun to own a lot of stuff in a little dinky apartment. :-/
    Oh, yea, and I got to see my relatives. I *love* my relatives. Don't see them much anymore.

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