I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Have you ever noticed that no matter how un-put together you might look or feel, there will always be someone around to hit on you?

Imagine along with me, if you will.  You are walking down the sidewalk, eager to get home.  You haven’t showered, in fact you had overslept so you are wearing the first thing you found to throw on.  It’s very bright outside, and even though you are wearing sunglasses, you are squinting and trying to keep your head down to avoid all the sunlight.  There seems to be something in your good eye, so not only does it hurt, but you can’t see out of it and it keeps watering.

This was pretty much my state on my way home from having the second laser eye treatment last week.  I walked out of the hospital to the bus stop, keeping my eye on the ground in front of me.  I wasn’t feeling too great.  I passed this guy (and I only know his gender because he spoke to me.  All I could really see of him was a bright red blob) and he said, “Hey there, baby.”

I said nothing to him, but once he was out of earshot I had a pretty good chuckle.  I guess everyone has their type and it just so happens that  “stumbling-around-squinting-chick-with-a-watery-left-eye” really floated his boat.

What do you think?