I’m a Whatnow?

So tonight I found out I’m a manager at the hotel. I’ve been one for some time now, apparently. The General Manager was introducing us to a new employee and he referred to me as a night manager. But only when my night manager isn’t working. So when he’s off, I’m in charge. I probably won’t let guests know I’m an acting manager, as they will usually expect better results from you.

Tonight’s Guest Highlight:
Guest: “Can you do something about the heat in my room? It’s like a sauna in here.”
Me: “You can turn the heat off on the unit in your room.”
Guest: “Yeah, I did that, but air is still coming out of it.”
Me: “You can crack a window to let some cool air in, sir.”
Guest: “Look, can I just get a fan or something for my room? It’s so hot.”
Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we do not have fans available for the rooms. I can send an engineer to take a look at your heating unit if you would like.”
Guest: “No, my wife is sleeping. I don’t want to bother her.”
Me: “Well, then I’m sorry.”


Guest: “So that’s it? That’s all you’re going to tell me?”
Me: “I offered to send engineering up, sir. There’s nothing else I can do.”
Guest: “There’s nothing else you can do? You can’t send up a fan? How much money am I spending at this hotel and you can’t give me a fan? That’s pretty shitty service here.”
Me: “Sir, I would send a fan to your room, but we don’t have any fans to send. If you don’t want engineering to come up to your room then there is nothing else I can do.”
Guest: “I’m never staying in this hotel again.”

[He hangs up.]

Me: “Best news I’ve heard all night.”

11 thoughts on “I’m a Whatnow?

  1. Wow, back-up night manager Roberts. ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, are you getting enough hours? I thought you'd posted a while back that you were afraid you wouldn't get enough hours. Or was that at your old hotel?

    • No, that's this job. From mid-December to March the hotel is slower and they make cutbacks on the hours. Two things have happened to make me feel a little better about this:
      -I talked to Sam, my night manager, and he says he takes a lot of vacation days in the winter to let the other night auditor get more hours.
      -There are supposed to be three people for night audit, but there are currently only two. Which means more hours for us. I was coming in as the new person and they do cutbacks by seniority. So if they hire anyone now, I have the seniority.
      So if things get a little slow, I'm not anticipating it to effect me as much. Money may get a little tighter, but I should be able to pay all my bills. And I'm considering getting a seasonal job on the mile or something. Christmas shopping will be huge for a little while.

      • Cool. What's "the mile?"
        If there's any time of the year you might have to pick up an extra job, mid-December is the time to have that happen! I picked up my Walgreens job the week before Christmas. It was crazy but the shifts actually went really quickly because we were so busy.

        • you know you've been to Chicago when…
          you're reading something referencing "the mile" and you just breeze by it as if it's something you've known all your life… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Re: you know you've been to Chicago when…
            Yeah, it didn't even occur to me that people might not know what I'm talking about.

          • Re: you know you've been to Chicago when…
            Yeah. It took me a minute to get what he meant by "What's 'the mile?'" Heehee… I sat there re-reading the sentence for a minute, until I realized that Teri had mentioned The Mile. Heehee… When I was little, some of my foster parents were really big into Christmas lights. We would always walk the Magnificent Mile at like ten at night once a year around Christmas… It's beautiful. I want to live in Chicago…

        • Oh, the mile is the mile-stretch of Michigan Avenue with all the shopping. Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren, etc, etc. It's called The Magnificent Mile of Chicago… aka The Mile.

  2. Yay for being a night manager.
    I actually just finished a book called The Store, in which the Night Managers were decidedly sinister. Could you come up with something less frightening to call yourself, just for my peace of mind?

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