Il denaro non e tutto, ma sicuramente aiuta!

That’s Italian for, “Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps.”  Amen to that, Italian Phrase-a-Day calender.


I really wanted to post something interesting and/or worthwhile.  I feel that my blog of late has been lacking in substance.  However, I couldn’t think of anything new to post, so I decided to organize what was already there.

So I went through all my tags and consolidated some of them, deleting the less used, less funny ones.  I then went back to the very beginning of my livejournal to start applying the tags to my earlier posts.  (Yeah, I’ve a touch of anal-retentiveness in me, so sue me.)  And, in case you were wondering, “quizzes” has now usurped the Number One Tag Topic award from “ghost log.”

The prevailing thought while scanning all my older posts was, “This is crap.  I should just delete everything and start over.”  But then I stumbled onto a single entry that actually made me laugh out loud.  It was at that moment I decided to keep all my old posts.  It reminded me of the Old Testament story where the angels of God were going to destroy a city, but Abraham pleaded with them and got them to agree that if they could find one good person within the city they would not destroy it.  My situation is just like that, except where God was motivated by mercy and compassion, I’m motivated by laziness.

I still want something interesting and/or worthwhile to post.  Life’s been busy lately, but not in a “boy, have I got something to tell you!” kind of way.  Tim says I never tell him anything anymore, but you know what?  I’m not telling anyone anything anymore.  It’s not a conscious secret-keeping thing I’m doing, just a “eh, who cares” feeling.  So here’s everything and anything I could think of to tell you:

–My physical health is mosthly great, though I have a bit of a cold going.
–I found a bathing suit I might not hate myself in come January (I said “might”).
–I’m excited it’s autumn.
–I have a rebate check from T-Mobile to cash today.
–I’ve gotten back into Sims and after I post this I’m going to go try to have a baby.
–I’m still sad about that Keane concert being cancelled.
–Marty’s been calling my cell phone, both before work and after.  We’ve got a strictly “just friends” thing going, but it’s still a little weird.
–I really want to go see The Prestige.
–I finally bought “Lamb…” by Christopher Moore and am looking forward to starting it.
–I want to call my online graphic design company, “Dithered Image”.  I am only mostly joking.
–I’ve been looking into employment elsewhere.  It’s time to stop being so vampiric.

See?  You would’ve have been better off had I not said anything.  And you’d certainly be a lot less bored.

6 thoughts on “Il denaro non e tutto, ma sicuramente aiuta!

  1. You’re not boring. 😛 Enough with your self-doubting shennanigans. Yea! Perhaps acceptable bathing suit! I know how exciting that can be. What’s “The Prestige?”

    • The Prestige is a movie with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (mmmmmmmmmm, yes please) who are two competing magicians. It’s looks a lot like the Illusionist, but I had heard of Prestige first. I’m also looking forward to Children of Men with Clive Owen.

      (And the bathing suit doesn’t look half bad. So yay for that.)

      • I feel so out of the loop. I pride myself on hearing about upcoming movies and I haven’t heard of the Clive Owen one. I heard of dueling magicians but not the title.

        When I went to see “Lady in the Water,” there were 4 movie previews very reflective of our time. 2 about the end of times (The Fountain and some movie with oscar-winner Hilary Swank about some creepy kid who might be the antichrist and might be causing the Egyptian plagues to happen again – when will we stop seeing movies about creepy evil kids?)

        The other two were “look how great the human spirit can be”: The Pursuit of Happyness (I see anything with Will Smith … except Bad Boys 2) and the one where Russel Crowe inherits a vineyard and learns important life lessons.

        I’m really looking forward to The Fountain: hot actors, cool sets.

  2. Yay! You bought Lamb! I wondered if
    a) everyone read it and was so offended by my choice that they weren't going to discuss it.
    b) no one had had time to read it yet.
    Sounds like it's option b! Yay!

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