I.Q., Zombies, and Boats

I found a great I.Q. test online. The numeric score is free, but you can get a more detailed report or whatnot for ten bucks. Yay for I.Q. tests! It confirmed what I already knew so yay for that as well. Find out your I.Q. score here.

In less intelligent news — I’m not trying to sound paranoid, but someone totally has a hidden microphone on me. I recently found out that someone has written a book that is Pride & Prejudice with a zombapocalypse. Just a few months ago, Tim and I were talking about how we should retell classic stories, but with zombies. Our example was not Pride & Prejudice, however, but Romeo and Juliet. Just think about it: Juliet is human, Romeo a zombie! Star-crossed lovers, indeed! At the end he doesn’t kill himself when he visits her in her tomb. He eats her.

This song is hilarious. If you don’t like strong language, don’t watch it. If you don’t care about that sort of thing, feel free to enjoy.  [I would have embedded it, but some jackanapes disabled the embedding.  Lame.]

What do you think?