I Must Look Good Tonight

For I’ve been propositioned twice.  But both were by really drunk guys.  I just can’t take that as a compliment, because at this point I think they’d sleep with just about anything.  Both were amusing though.

Guy #1
Guy – “I need a new room key.”
Teri – [makes room key] Guy – “Can you show me where it is?”
Teri – “Where your room is?”
Guy – “Yes.”
Teri – “I can call security or a bellman to take you to your room if you’d like.”
Guy – “You can’t show me?”
Teri – “No, I can’t leave the desk.”
Guy – “You HAVE to stay here?”
Teri – “Yes.  Do you want a bellman?”
Guy – “Nah, I think I can find it.”

Guy #2
Guy – [is checking in for the night] “Do you want to take a shower with me?”
Teri – [polite smile] “No thanks.”
Guy – “Why not?”
Teri – “Cause I’m working.”
Guy – “If you were sober and you weren’t working, would you be more fun?” (**Note: I think he meant “if I were sober”)
Teri – “Um, sure.”
Guy – “Okay.  Sorry, I’m a drunk-ass.”
[one minute passes] Guy – “You want to get a beer with me?”
Teri – “No, I’m still working.”
Guy – “Okay, don’t mind me I’m a drunk-ass.”

Once you are tagged you must write about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.1.) My closest doors must always be firmly closed.  I get creeped out feelings if they are ajar–like the crazy psycho-killer or closet-monster residing in my closet will get me if the door is open.  Fortunately, they are both foiled by doorknobs.2.) I hum when I’m nervous or distracted.  And I don’t hum actual tunes, but little melodies of my own devising.  Tim says it’s very creepy, but I’ve had other people tell me it’s cute.  ::shrugs::

3.) Whenever I’m using a pen with a cap, I must turn the pointy part of the cap so that it lines up with the writing on the pen.  Did I explain that well?

4.) I love homemade pizza with tuna and green olives.  I’m told this is gross but it’s seriously good.

5.) I don’t remember developing the friendships between me and any of my best friends.  It’s almost as if the better friends we are, the less I remember about how we got that way.  Surely there was a point where we had to meet each other and start the friendship, but for the life of me I don’t remember a thing about it.

6.) I can’t say “edited it.”  Like, “He took the video and edited it for content.”  It comes up more than one might think.

My tags: Warren, Tim, Mary (6 seems too excessive)

4 thoughts on “I Must Look Good Tonight

  1. you handle drunk-asses superbly. if i were there to witness it, i would be kicked out of the hotel for ripping heads off of drunk guests and shitting down their necks before ripping their flesh off with my teeth and feeding it to the bums.
    M:i:III was actually really good. JJ Abrams directed it. I could tell too. some definite Abrams-isms.

    • You are on top of things, Father Boyd. I posted, crossed the room to tell Paige to read my post. When she checked it your comment was already there.

    • Woah. Maybe I AM glad that you didn't want to come out drinking with us last weekend.
      I like JJ Abrams a lot, and he's one of the only two reasons I'd go see that movie. The second being Simon Pegg. I love me some Simon Pegg.

  2. I do #3 all the time. If there's no writing on the pen, I line the cap up with the logo, or the obvious seam where the pen was put together. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does it. 😀

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