I Hate Money

Is it normal to be paying almost $70.00, twice a month mind you, for medical insurance?  For just little ol’ me?  Because I am.  Because of this, the slight increase in my rent, and my newly acquired 401k, I will be over budget by $200 a month.  This isn’t so much a problem when there is overtime to be had.  It will be a problem this winter when there isn’t.  I’m going to have to speak with HR Monday morning and find out why the heck I’m paying so much.  After that, well, there’s some thinking to do.  I need to try to find a way to cut corners on my budget, but that is much easier said than done.  I give myself fifty bucks a week.  That fifty is for laundry, eating out, entertainment, groceries, toiletries, what have you.  Everything else I make goes to bills.  See?  Not a lot of give.

I’m going to start having those dreams again of my teeth falling out.  I hate that.

I think I’ll also need to get a second job.

6 thoughts on “I Hate Money

  1. Normal? That depends. Tim and I used to pay more than twice that for our insurance… but there were two of us, and… well, we were paying an abnormally high amount. Now we're paying about $70 every two weeks. So I would say that what you're paying is high, but not freakishly so.
    Bleck. I hate how expensive insurance is. I hope you can figure out something not horrible to do to make ends meet.
    I miss you!

  2. When I looked into health insurance,I was going to be paying about $100 a month. That's why I don't have health insurance. And they increased your rent? They're not supposed to be able to do that unless you sign a new lease. That's the way ALL of our leases have been. If you didn't sign a new one, you need to go back over your lease and just make sure that what they did was legal.
    Big hugs. And if your teeth fall out, well I'll duct tape them back in for you.

  3. That's what I'm paying for insurance. I've been paying that for about a year and they just denied the first claim I ever made for an eye exam. Now I have to bitch at people. I hate insurance.

  4. We pay 220 a month, but that's for three of us. Wow..I just realized how much money goes to insurance. But we use it. so in the end it balances out somehow…
    What gets me is you donate half your check (it feels like), then there's a big deductible and co-pays and in the end you still feel like you're paying most of the bill.
    And if you don't use it? It's not like you get your money back.
    Thanks for letting me complain.

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