I Got $10 Bucks!

Okay all of you skeptics–I got my ten dollars! Marty was mad because the room wasn’t completely dark. There were two exit signs in the room which cast a slight glow. He joined us after 20 minutes and after 45 minutes gave us the ten bucks (each) and said we could go. Tim had given me his iPod and showed me how to use the audio record feature, in case we heard weird noises. While Paige and I were alone, we heard some banging and three small metallic things thrown into the room. But I’d bet my newly acquired money it was security, and I didn’t record any of it.

Afterward we went up to 12 north, where there are lots of freaky goings on. We hung out in room 1246 for a little while (“we” being me, Paige, and Marty) and talked. Then we went down to room 441. This is the room where, a few years ago, two military guys came running down to the front desk in their underwear and demanded a different room. They said that in the dark they saw a figure walk from the bathroom to the closet, open the door and step inside. They checked the closet to find it empty. Numerous other guests have experienced the same thing.

* Room 441 – We enter 441 and I comment on how the clock is off. It was almost four in the morning and the clock said 12:44. Marty starts to fall asleep and Paige and I are just chatting, and we start surfing through Tim’s iPod to find some good songs. Paige says, “Hey look at the clock.” The clock no longer shows any numbers, just the two red dots between the hour and minutes. I go back to scanning through the songs and click on a particular song. Suddenly the “record audio” screen pops up and starts recording. And then I do something really stupid: I stop it and delete the sound file. I know, I know–I’ve been beating myself up for this. Paige says I should record this and so I hit record again and we’re silent, just listening. I get up to record from the bathroom, and we notice the numbers are back on the clock. I replayed the sound file later and heard nothing, but perhaps Tim can transfer it to his computer and make it louder–just in case. (recounted by me)


* Basement – Much earlier in the evening, Marty was walking around the basement, starting his rounds. He turns a corner and sees a figure in a black sweatshirt and black pants about forty feet down the hall in front of him. The figure takes several steps toward a wall and literally disappears. Marty jogs forward to see if the person perhaps turned a corner–there’s no one around. (recounted by Marty)

I want to check out 441 again sometime. 🙂 I enjoyed myself.

6 thoughts on “I Got $10 Bucks!

  1. Summer vacation approaches. It would be really fun to be there on one of these ghost nights, if it's okay that a non-employee hangs out with you at work.
    *Will supply marshmallows.

    • It's more than okay. And I'll just book the room for the night, to make everything official. The employee rate is $35/night. Easy peasy.

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