I Could Write a Book

Hotel Story #1: A gentleman called the front desk and asked if we could send a lady to his room. The night operator was confused as to what he needed. He reiterated by saying, “Do you have any ladies that you could send to my room for the night?” Her eyes bulged out of her head and she quickly replied with a “no, sir” before hanging up the phone.

Hotel Story #2: I answered the phone, “Front desk, how can I help you?” Guest, “Hello, Front Desk, this is Jack.” Me, “Hello Jack, how can I help you?” Jack, “There’s a squirrel in my room.” Me, “A squirrel?” Jack, “Yes, I think it came in through the window.” Me, “Okay, sir, I’ll send someone to your room.” I called Security and sent someone up there. Several minutes later Security called and said, “He didn’t say squirrel, he was asking if there was a whirlpool in the room.” Okay, now I know this guest was lying. I made a specific point of repeating the word “squirrel” and he said that it came in through the window. I think he was hoping that I would personally come up to his room and was bitterly disappointed to open the door to a elderly male, and slightly annoyed, security guard.

2 thoughts on “I Could Write a Book

  1. How could a whirlpool come in through the window? Your hotel is obviously historic what with the ghosts and all. Perhaps they feel you hold to the old tradtions like "a chandalier in the lobby and a prostitute in every room!"

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