How an IPod Can Kill You

Why must we (being the government) pass laws to protect people from their own stupidity? We have an overpopulation problem–I say we let the stupid people kill themselves off with their idiocy and be done with it. Survival of the fittest and so forth.

I’m talking specifically of the idea in New York City to make cell phones and iPods illegal for pedestrians in crosswalks. If someone is too caught up with their phone conversation or Top 40 playlist to pay attention to what’s happening around them, then they deserve to be hit by a car.

I’m all for making talking on a cell phone while driving illegal, because that’s not protecting you from your stupidity, it’s protecting the people around you that you’re going to crash into all because you couldn’t wait the five minutes until you got home before you called your grandmother to wish her a happy birthday. That law would protect other people, and so I’m all for that. But if you need a law protecting you from yourself, you should stop and wonder if it’s really worth it.

Another thing I can’t stand is people going deaf from their iPods.  They actually want to sue because their hearing is now impaired from listening to their iPod too loudly.  They say it’s Apple’s fault for making the volume go to such a high decibel.  Hey, here’s a suggestion–don’t turn the volume on your iPod that high.  It’s like the old joke:  A patient enters the doctor’s office and says, “Doc, it hurts when I do this,” and the doctor says, “Well, then don’t do that.”  It’s not rocket science.

Someone should put those people in a crosswalk with an iPod.  Problem solved.

5 thoughts on “How an IPod Can Kill You

  1. Have you read the Darwin Awards? You should check them out — stories of unbelievably stupid people who have proved that natural selection works. *grin* With our sue-happy society, someone really needs to step and say, "Your stupidity is NOT the responsibility of (insert company here…Apple, McDonalds, etc)."
    <font color="red">The Darwin Awards</font>
    Honoring those who improve the species by
    accidentally removing themselves from it,…
    thereby ensuring that the next generation is one idiot smarter.
    Happy Hallmark Holiday Day, Teri!

  2. I feel the exact same way sometimes. If these people are so stupid, do we really want them as part of our population? This post also reminds me of "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out."

  3. I think law is to protect the drivers in New York from hitting the dumb people.. you ever tried to clean stupid person and ipod off your car.. it like takes forever 🙂

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