Honk, honk

So today I was hit by a car.

I guess technically, I was more “pushed” than “hit,” but it’s more shocking to say I was hit by a car. I mean, if you walk up to someone and say, “I was pushed by a car.” What is that? It’s nothing.

I was walking with Shannon to Target. I had been putting this Target trip off for a about a week now, due to the worsening weather conditions. (I believe this is what I get for ending procrastination. Had I continued to procrastinate on my shopping venture, I never would have been hit. Pushed, rather.)

The light turned green and we started to cross the street. A man (on his cell phone, of course) didn’t give himself enough time to brake on the icy streets and he stopped a couple feet into the crosswalk. Into me.

I was shocked, naturally, but dear Shannon began yelling profusely at the man in my defense. He said something about trying to stop and then drove off. It’s good to see that chivalry isn’t dead.

I am fine, however, and am wondering if maybe I should have prefaced this blog with that statement. Just a sore knee and perhaps a bruise when I wake up tomorrow. I wondered briefly if I should have called off work tonight, but I didn’t. I’m here, thanks to Aleve.

But it did give me quite a scare. I’m still doubting whether it all happened or whether it just a figment of my over-active imagination. My knee has no such doubts.

4 thoughts on “Honk, honk

  1. wait..he drove off without leaving insurance or anything? did you get a plate? that's tech. a hit and run on a pedestrian, and he'll probably lose his license. did you call the police?
    Oh, and I'm glad you're ok…

  2. Wow, I'm glad you're ok. It freaks me out when I fall in the middle of the street on my own accord. My heart would probably be jackhammering all day if it was the fault of a car. I can't believe that guy drove off. I hope your friend hit his hood and said, "I'm walkin' here!"

  3. I think the others are correct – it's technically hit and run, and if you DID have to go to the doctor, he should have to pay for it.
    I'm so glad you're okay! I'd be walking around all day, slightly freaked out, my eyes darting about like a cornered badger. Do you feel badgerish?

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