Home, Sweet Home

Well, I made it safely back to Chicago.  I’m freaking exhausted, so this post won’t be very vacation-informative.  If I attempted to talk about it now it would sound terribly boring. (Example: I had fun.  There was lots of food.  I got sunburned.  And spent money.)  See?  I just don’t have enough energy.  Look for a picture post either tomorrow or the next day of events that may or may not have happened.  I personally guarantee more enthusiasm.

Today was positively horrible.  We had to depart the ship by 9am and our flight wasn’t until 3:30.  Not a problem, we said.  We watched some episodes of Prison Break and I read a book to pass the time.  Three o’clock rolls around and we learn that our plane has been delayed until 4:40.  We’re a little annoyed but, you know, whatever.  We finally board the plane, pull away from the gate and the pilot announces that we are delayed yet again, and the plane will not take off until 6:30.  That just plain sucked.  We finally got to O’Hare at 8:30 and had to wait an hour for our baggage (why, I do not know).  Then an hour-long train ride home.  I dropped my stuff off at the apartment and promptly left for work.  You may think spending the day in an airport would be fun, but let me earnestly assure you that it is not.  If you had to make a choice between a day in an airport and a root canal, I’d go with the dental work.  Sure both are painful, but at least with the root canal there are no security check points.

And it would seem that Amanda’s creepy telephone admirer called every night while I was gone.  He called again tonight and tried to charm me (“Baby, when am I taking you out?”).  I asked him to hold for a second and transferred him to Security.  You’d think he would have gotten the hint after that first time we spoke.  Men.  ::phfffttt::

One thought on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. I still think you need to change your fake name to be a guy.. maybe Steve? I think you would make a good Steve. I am glad vacation was cool. I look forward to posts about it later on. I hope you are able to survive shift tonight.

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